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This platform is used to collect feedback from a targeted audience. It helps users design, send, and analyze surveys. This software solution makes the entire process faster, more accurate, and easier to accomplish than manual surveys

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Features of Survey System

Different Versions.

The survey can be deployed via an interactive SMS or a white-labeled mobile application system.

SMS Invitations.

Only the invited respondents will be able to participate in the survey.

Survey Builder.

Assists in structuring the questionnaire using different parameters e.g. age, number or date.


The system allows the upload of images, this feature is only available on the app version.


Reporting and Analytics.

Standard or custom made reports from customers’ feedback.

Lock Feature.

One can control the period of the survey by making it active or deactivate the survey

Incentive Feature.

This is for rewarding respondents on completion of the survey e.g. provision of airtime.

Access Management.

Ability to assign different roles to administrators.

Discover the Benefits

Data Management

It systematically integrates data into the questionnaires of each respondent, which makes it easier and quicker for organizations to classify information and examine the validity of the answers provided.

Effective Sample Management

Helps organizations ensure that the samples it uses meet all the requirements needed to come up with accurate survey results.

Live Feedback Tracking

The system also supported with a live feedback tracking plugin that monitors and analyzes past and current data to plan better and improve processes for more accurate information.

Interactive feature with respondents

Chat with respondents.

Linkage to a reward system

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