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Businesses suffer from lack of affordable and easy to use tools to run their businesses more effectively. Eneza Business Suite creates a modular suite of product that do not incur upfront charges that are easy to use for any business of any size or stage. These allows businesses to be able for instance not only to use one tool independently but merge two tools to give that business an edge. E.g. A client using the Paybill dashboard is able to automate a branded SMS to be sent to such customers thanking them for buying from them. The stored number can be used for future promotions. This automated functionality is not just good for the customer but ensure the customers is using more SMS and driving revenues up. Customers then pay only for what they use e.g. SMS and get free modules like the Paybill transaction view and SMS capturing.


Automated functionality is not just good for the customer but ensure accountability, transparency and efficiency.


At Eneza it is always our duty to go the extra mile for our clients. Our staff members continuously do whatever it takes to ensure that every stakeholder is satisfied through provision of quality products and services in a timely, cost effective manner.

SMS Sent

“It has been a pleasure working with the entire Eneza Telecom team. The company is thorough, hard working and devoted to the goals of any given project. I would easily recommend them for any of my projects.”

Oserian Flowers

“Eneza Business Suite offers highly skilled people and a high integrity approach. They are fast, effective, responsive, well managed, and always deliver what is needed or go beyond. It is a joy to work with Eneza Team.”

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